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The Metamorphosis
by Franz Kafka, adapted by Steven Berkoff

Starring Lenny Ziolkowksi, Richard Lambert, Margo Davis,
Candice Kogut, Ray Boucher
Directed by Robert Waterhouse
Sets and Puppets by Franklin LaVoie

The cockroach was suggested by Lenny's physicality onstage and not by a silly
bug custome. A discussion that I had with Richard Lambert and Bob Waterhouse
over the translation of the book's first sentence in the original German resulted in
Bob adding a line to the play where they debate the words insect and vermin. I was
very touched. A few months after the show closed, Bob was contacted by a
publisher that had seen my cover design on our website and were interested in
buying it to use on the cover of a new edition of Kafka. Ultimately the publisher
went with some famous art for the cover so that it matched the other books in
series. Oh well, it was still nice to be considered...

Kurt Schneiderman would also win The Artie (Buffalo's local
equivalent to The Tonys) for his lighting design